Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"I am Dr. Laura DeMarzo, Psychologist and Certified Divorce Coach with decades of counseling experience dealing with families and marriages in conflict, I will work collaboratively and respectfully with the parties resulting in resolution of your issues. I can help."

 “How do I know if I need a Divorce Coach?”
 • You have trouble sleeping because you can't get the rage or hurt out of your mind.
• You want to minimize the damage on the children’s lives.
• You are having difficulty addressing your spouse in constructive ways.
• When you see your spouse's caller id on your phone you feel as if you got punched in the stomach.

“What is a Divorce Coach?“
• A Psychologist or Mental Health Professional certified in mediation and collaborative divorce working in partnership with the parties to achieve desired outcomes.
• A Divorce Coach enables the client to deal and cope with the strong emotions that may get in the way of good decision-making.
 • Works collaboratively with all parties including attorneys/mediators.
• Goals are established, facilitated and achieved in a professional and respectful manner.
• As your divorce coach, I will guide you, step by step, through the rocky waters of separation and divorce - which can save you time, money and emotional pain.  

As your Divorce Coach I will help you to:
• Minimize negative effects upon your family and children.
• Learn skills to overcome obstacles.
• Focus on desired outcomes.
• Establish “your voice” in the process of resolution.
• Accomplish your goals of living peacefully and moving forward with a positive attitude rather than dwell or rehash the past.
• Understand that strong emotions are a normal part of the process, and I will teach you how to better cope.
• Avoid escalating legal fees, which occur when your emotions get in the way of resolution.

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